When you're behind the wheel of your BMW, it's easy to lose track of the miles.

But there's no need to cut the experience short, even if you've already exceeded your mileage limit. The BMW Financial Services Mileage Adjustment Program helps you avoid end-of-term excess-mileage charges, so you can just keep enjoying the drive.

You can purchase additional lease miles anytime - up to one day before your lease return at 800-959-4269, or up to 120 days prior through the My BMW site.

The Mileage Adjustment Program

How it works. If your account is current and you're in good financial standing, 1 you can purchase additional miles at a discounted rate. You can do so at any point up until one day prior to your scheduled lease maturity date or the day you're turning in your vehicle, if you're planning to do so before the maturity date arrives.

We make it easy. Understanding that your driving habits may change, we allow you the flexibility to purchase additional miles more than once during the term of your contract. 2 If you are more than 120 days away from the end of your lease, the cost of additional miles may be paid in full or incrementally with your remaining monthly lease payments, either online or with a Customer Service Representative. Within 120 days of your scheduled maturity date, mileage may be purchased in a lump-sum payment. 3 Mileage purchases are subject to sales tax and are non-refundable. If the first additional mileage purchase is applied incrementally, payment for any other requests for additional miles must be made in a lump-sum payment.

If you did not have the opportunity to use all of the mileage you purchased, we will apply a credit to any outstanding balance with BMW Financial Services, including, but not exceeding, excess wear and use charges.

Redeem your BMW Reward Points for Additional Lease Miles. If you have a BMW Card, BMW Signature Card or BMW Ultimate Card, your BMW Reward Points can be redeemed for the purchase of Additional Lease Miles for your BMW Financial Services lease account. These Additional Lease Miles come in the form of an electronic credit to your BMW Financial Services lease account within 3-5 business days following redemption.

Your miles are waiting. To purchase additional miles, just call BMW Financial Services at 800-578-5000, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Eastern Time, or log on to your My BMW account (www.bmwusa.com/mybmw) at any time.

To redeem Reward Points for Additional Lease Miles or for information about the BMW Card, BMW Signature Card or BMW Ultimate Card, please visit www.mybmwcard.com, or call 888-BMW-CARD (888-269-2273).


1There can be no outstanding fees on an account at the point of purchasing additional miles. This includes property tax, late fees, returned item fees, etc.

2The Mileage Adjustment Program offered by BMW Financial Services is available for vehicles with up to 100,000 total miles. Vehicles returned with more than 100,000 miles are billed at the standard lease-end rate. There can be no outstanding fees on an account at the point of purchasing additional miles. This includes property tax, late fees, returned item fees, etc.

3Within 120 days to maturity, purchase of additional miles can be made in a lump sum directly with the Lease Loyalty Specialist. Payments will be accepted for mileage purchases through a credit card or through ACH from your bank account. If, at the end of a Lease, all monthly payments under the term of the Lease have been made, the Lessee will receive credit for the Unused Miles equal to the per mile purchase price, which will be applied against any remaining obligations owed under the Lease. Program rates, terms, and eligibility are subject to change without notice and may be terminated at any time at the sole discretion of BMW Financial Services. Program specifics are based on the latest information available at time of publication.