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BMW X2 vs. Audi Q3

BMW X2 Performance vs. Audi Q3 Performance

  • Under the hood, the BMW X2 packs a 2.0-liter I4Turbo engine that delivers more horsepower and more torque than the Audi Q3 and its 2.0-liter I4 Turbo engine.
  • The BMW X2's 2.0-liter I4 Turbo engine records a better fuel economy than the Audi Q3's 2.0-liter I4 Turbo engine.
  • Unlike the Audi Q3, the BMW X2 comes standard in all-wheel drive on the base model.

BMW X2 Interior vs. Audi Q3 Interior

  • Inside, the BMW X2 offers a more spacious cabin for its five passengers than the Audi Q3.
  • The BMW X2 also offers more cargo space than the Audi Q3.
  • Technology-wise, the BMW X2 breaks away from the Audi Q3 with its BMWAssist-Backed Infotainment System.

BMW X2 Safety vs. Audi Q3 Safety

  • Both vehicles offer a plethora of airbags and standard family-focused features like Child Door Locks.
  • The BMW X2 breaks away from its competition with BMWAssis eCall with Emergency Request and Automatic Collision Notification.

BMW X2 vs. Volvo XC40

BMW X2 Performance vs. Volvo XC40 Performance

  • Both the BMW X2 and the Volvo XC40 pack a 2.0-liter I4 turbo engine, and both vehicles unleash 258 pound-feet of torque, but the BMW X2 reaches that level of torque with fewer RPM than the Volvo XC40.
  • in matters of fuel economy, the BMW X2 records a maximum 31 miles per gallon on the highway.
  • The BMW X2 also comes with an adaptive eight-speed automatic transmission with steptronic, sport, and manual modes.

BMW X2 Interior vs. Volvo XC40 Interior

  • The BMW X2's interior comes with more standard features than the Volvo XC40 like a tilt steering wheel, dual power front seats, and a rear window defroster.
  • The BMW X2 offers a slightly more leg room for the rear seats than that offered in the Volvo XC40.
  • In matters of technology, the BMW X2 comes with a BMWAssist-backed infotainment system while the Volvo XC40 offers a Volvo Sensus-backed system.

BMW X2 Safety vs. Volvo XC40 Safety

  • Both the BMW X2 and the Volvo XC40 pack a variety of airbags and family-focused safety features like Child Door Locks.
  • The BMW X2 stands out from its competition with its BMWAssist eCall with emergency request and automatic collision notification.

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