BMW rolls out its line of brand-new cars, and you have the opportunity to drive one. Buying a BMW presents one option, but don't overlook leasing. At BMW of Westlake, we have some deals and special offers available on BMW leases. Our sales team invites you to check them out.

Top BMW Models Available for Lease

BMW does present an impressive slate of offerings. The many high-quality luxury vehicles appeal to different buyers with different needs. The BMW X5 and the X7 represent two top SUV models bearing the BMW name. Combine luxurious driving with ample passenger and cargo space in a BMW SUV. And then look at all the available sedans in the 2, 3, and 5 Series, among others.

BMW Lease Offers

BMW frequently provides lease offers on its vehicles. The company could set a specific monthly price and down-payment figure for a particular model. The costs would reflect a designated term, such as 36 months. New lease offers appear consistently. When you see a good offer, contact our Westlake office for more information.

Going with a Lease

Owning a BMW could turn out to be the right decision for some shoppers. Others may prefer leasing, thanks to the different benefits lease deals present. With a lease, the down-payments and monthly premiums might be lower. Remember, you aren't paying for the car when you lease; you only cover the depreciation.

For those wishing to upgrade every two or three years, a lease provides that option. As new models come out, the manufacturer touts improvements and new features. Returning an old lease and signing up for a new one lets the driver access those upgraded features.

And there are no hassles associated with selling a car to deal with, either.

Find out how great our new BMW models are by setting up a test drive near Cleveland today.

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