The BMW Mileage Adjustment Program is Here to Keep Things Simple

We know how it feels to get lost on an adventure, wayfaring your way beyond the boundaries of Westlake. Don't let a mileage limit keep you from experiencing all that life has to offer day in and day out. With the help of the BMW Mileage Adjustment Program, you'll be able to continue navigating in your leased BMW wherever the journey takes you without the weight of worry upon your shoulders.

Program Details

So long as you're in good financial standing, you can tack on additional miles to your lease agreement at a preferred rate, ultimately extending your limit and taking the stress out of your drives. You can even do so until just one day before your scheduled lease maturity or vehicle return date, meaning you don't have to plan ahead. With this program, you get about a 20% discount per mile with most models. For instance, with the BMW mileage Adjustment Program, you'll typically pay 18 cents per mile rather than the full rate of 20 cents per mile. To make things even simpler, this program even allows you to add on miles multiple times throughout the extent of your leasing contract.

On the reverse side of things, we even offer you benefits if you don't use all of the miles you purchased. We simply add a credit to any balances you may have in our finance department. This includes excessive wear and use charges.

If you're ready to lease a new BMW luxury car or SUV, reach out to the team at BMW of Westlake. We can guide you through the process of financing, adding on miles and much more in a knowledgeable and friendly manner. For uninhibited adventures, you'll want to invest in the BMW Mileage Adjustment Program.

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