With winter comes the glamorous tasks of scraping ice from your car's windshield and treading carefully through the ice patches that appear in your Avon Lake neighborhood. Our desires to stay alert and safe as we drive are exemplified during the winter months when snow and ice grace the streets and highways with their hazardous presence. Along with being an attentive driver during this time of the year, another way you can stay out of harm's way is by having your vehicle inspected at BMW of Westlake.

In the wintertime, several areas of your vehicle will be affected by the cold temperatures and presence of snow. Your tires, engine, battery, windshield wipers, and fluids are all components that should be looked at before you brave the frigid temperatures and icy roads. If your winters near North Olmstead or Rocky River usually come with multiple occurrences of snow, we recommend setting some money aside for a set of snow tires. From vehicle battery and brakes tests to windshield wiper replacement, our technicians will work through every item on our checklist to provide you with a thorough winter inspection on your vehicle.

When you're ready, we accept service requests by phone or through our convenient online portal where you can log in, schedule a time to visit, and update that appointment as needed. Winter is a busy time for most of our Lorain customers, which is why we want to stress the convenience and efficiency of reserving a time and date online to bring in your BMW vehicle to see us. Our service center is not only known for providing excellent maintenance and repairs but is also a fun place to relax while you wait for your car, if you choose to do so.

We provide a comfortable atmosphere to make your visits more pleasant than you'd normally expect at a car dealership. This aspect of BMW of Westlake is what proves our elevated level of customer service. Find out more about why you should elect to service your BMW model at 24690 Sperry Drive before winter truly hits.

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