BMW Genius Corner: 2018 BMW X2

The all new BMW X2 has made a big splash into the entry level segment. Not to be out-shadowed by the launch of the M5, the X2 is turning heads with it’s unique take on what a compact BMW should be. The X2 aims at being a sportier version of the X1. Doing so presents some challenges in engineering as well as public perception. Let me explain…

Upon first glance, you could be mistaken for thinking it was an X1. However, the 2018 BMW X2 has made some key design changes that not only separate it from the X1 but solidify its place in BMW’s lineup. Starting with the front, the overall shape of the grill has been flipped and the bumpers have been crafted to enhance its athletic aesthetic. The X2 also sits significantly lower to the ground than the X1: always looking like it’s ready to pounce.

Moving toward the rear highlights one special design element that has not been seen often. The BMW Roundel is featured on the C-pillar. The inclusion of that hearkens back to past BMW coupes that were given the same treatment. The roof-line and wheel arches also enjoy a more sloped and sculpted appearance. The trunk is now opened via a moving Roundel on the rear (similar to the 6 Series). The tailpipes are also larger than what you’d find on an X1. The resulting exhaust note coming from this 2.0L 4 cylinder engine (B48) is also differs from the X1.

The inside is very BMW and largely is unchanged from the X1 but does offer the sport seating as standard. Other than the standard trim, there is also a new M Sport X Design available (as seen here). This combines what we typically have from both the M Sport and X Line packages. More aggressive intakes, bumpers, and wheels are combined with attributes of more rugged SAV’s. You will find less total interior volume than the X1, but that’s not to say it’s cramped. In fact, the X1 had a surprising amount of room inside. The interior volume of the X2 might be more in line with what you initial expect the X1 to have.

It was difficult to understand before I saw the car why it exists. The X1 is every bit as fast 0-60 mph; it has more room inside; it’s starting price is less, all of those are true; however it is missing the point. The BMW X2 is about heritage and style. It’s special. BMW has reworked the handling of the car, and it shows! At the end of the day, it is a completely unique BMW that feels more like something you’d find in Europe. Perhaps we spend too much time comparing it to the X1 and not enjoying what it is: a brilliant hatchback (not SAV/SUV) that deserves a look from everyone in the market for a small luxury car. If you’d like to see the charm that has won this cynic over, please contact us at BMW of Westlake for more info. Visit for more information.

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