Do You Ever Wonder Where Your BMW X Model Was Born?

You can’t have a chicken without the egg, or the egg with out the chicken, and same goes for the series of X models made by BMW. You may wonder “Where do some of top of the line sports activity vehicles come from?” BMW enthusiast may already know the answer, but the question may pop into the common driver’s thoughts, and this tidbit of knowledge may be your next conversation starter when someone asks you about your BMW X3 or X6.

Hailing from the east coast of our nation, the line of BMW X3, X4, X5, and X6 models are made at one of the biggest plants in the world, at the BMW Group Plant in Spartanburg, SC. It is the only producer of the BMW X Sports Activity models on the planet and exports cars to over 140 countries worldwide. Being one of the largest manufacturers in the world, BMW provides 9,000 jobs for people living in Spartanburg and the surrounding areas of South Carolina. Though it has a significant impact on the economic progress in the region and it is magnificently massive in size, the BMW plant in Spartanburg leads the way when it comes to Corporate Sustainability. Environmental partnerships include the Nature Conservancy, Palmetto Conservation Foundation, and the South Carolina Wildlife Federation, and all organizations work hand-in-hand to maintain and improve the natural environment. On top of that, the BMW plant utilizes methane gas from a nearby landfill to produce power for their Gas to Energy Project. Since 2003 this process has provided at least 50% of the Plants total energy.

So, next time you’re in your BMW X model, feel a sense of pride in your sports activity vehicle. Tell your passengers just how many people it takes to produce the transportation they riding in, and how in turn, their transportation needs have a positive effect on the state of South Carolina.

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